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Welcome to My ATS – the useful portal for our clients

We prefer the direct, personal contact with you – yet we also complete our service with an online portal.

This online portal enables clients of ATS to generate insurance certificates according to the agreed terms of their Open Policy “just in time”. An easy handling and transfer of the required declarations via data transfer reduces administrative effort for ATS clients to the absolute minimum.

You are already an ATS client, and still do not have an account, yet are interested in using these services? Please contact us.

David Paulsen


  • Quick issuing of insurance certificates (Marine Cargo Insurance)
  • Simple compliance with declaration requirements
  • 24/7 availability
  • Direct communication with your contacts at ATS
  • Free of charge

More Information

Terms of Use for Client Portal

Art. 1 Scope of Application
(1) The following Terms of Use shall apply between ATS Hamburg Versicherungsmakler GmbH, Zirkusweg 1, 20359 Hamburg (hereinafter “ATS”) and the client with regard to the usage of the client portal provided via the website
(2) Deviating terms and conditions of the client shall not become part of the contract. Side agreements and other deviations from our contracts, licence terms and/or these Terms of use shall require the written form.

Art. 2 Contractual subject, registration
(1) ATS provides the client a client portal allowing the client to display and manage his insurances online. Furthermore, the ATS provides storage space on the Internet for the client portal.
(2) The client is given the opportunity to create his own administrative area via the ATS platform by registration and the opening of a client account. The client shall provide the information requested in the registration form completely and correct, if and in so far as they are not marked as optional information. Providing pen names, pseudonyms and other invented names in the framework of the query of the personal name is not permitted. Furthermore, it is prohibited to provide foreign or otherwise incorrect information during the registration. If the collected data changes after the registration, the client shall be obliged to update his account immediately in this respect or to provide ATS the changed data via other means.
The client shall keep the password for his account secret and carefully protect the access to his account. The client shall undertake to inform ATS immediately if there is evidence that the client’s account was misused by third parties.

Art. 3 Contract conclusion
(1) The Terms of Use shall regulate the licence contract for the client portal, which is concluded upon registration. The registration offered on the website shall not be an offer in the legal sense. When completing the registration, the client bindingly declares his contractual offer to use the client portal. Wrong entries can be corrected before sending the registration via the keyboard and mouse functions. With clicking on the button completing the registration, the client proposes a binding contractual offer for usage. After receipt of the client’s offer by ATS, the acceptance of the contract by ATS is confirmed to the client by email or activating the client portal.
(2) The contract’s text is not saved by ATS.

Art. 4 Copyright and right of use
(1) The copyright and exclusive right of use for published objects provided by ATS (websites, scripts, programs, graphics) remains solely with ATS.
(2) Upon conclusion of the contract on the usage of the client portal, the client shall be granted a simple right unlimited in space to use the client portal according to the scope agreed in the contract for own purposes for the duration of the contract. Further rights, in particular with regard to the duplication beyond what is necessary for the contractual usage shall not be granted. Possible rights from Art. 69d para. 2 and 3, Art. 69 e UrhG (German Copyright Law) remain unaffected.
(3) A duplication or usage of elements of the client portal in other electronic or printed publications, in particular on other websites shall be prohibited without the explicit approval by ATS. Only ATS shall be entitled to the comprehensive copyright with all powers according to Art. 12 to Art. 27 UrhG for all documentation, information and contractual items drawn up in the framework of contract initiation and including warranty and maintenance, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
(4) The client’s access to the client portal depends on the Internet connection, which is the client’s responsibility.
(5) ATS shall be entitled to interrupt the permanent use for maintenance works and other important reasons.

Art. 5 Execution of services, responsibility
(1) ATS shall be responsible for the technical support and maintenance of the client portal.
(2) The client shall have the opportunity to manage content within his account.
(3) The client shall be responsible that the content possibly delivered by him for the client portal are free of any third-party rights and are suited for such usage and are permitted to be provided for usage from a legal point of view.
(4) The client shall indemnify ATS from all claims, including claims for damages, exercised by third parties against ATS for to the violation of their rights due to the content provided in the client portal by the client. The client shall bear all of ATS’ reasonable costs incurred in relation to such violation of third-party rights, including the reasonably incurred legal defence costs. All further rights and claims for damages on part of ATS shall remain unaffected.
(5) ATS may check the use for its admissibility or have it checked at any time. If ATS suspects that the use violates the Terms of use, ATS’ business policy, legal rights or third-party rights, ATS may be entitled to prohibit and stop the respective use at any time without giving reasons and without this resulting in any obligations for ATS.

Art. 6 Issuance of insurance certificates
(1) Subject to agreement, the client shall have the opportunity to create insurance certificates via the client portal himself and to print them. In this framework he shall undertake:
(1.1) to complete and use such insurance certificates solely according to the provisions of the respective policy and to take into account in particular the respectively agreed maximums as well as the known and attached “provisions for the issuance of online insurance certificates”;
(1.2) to mandatorily coordinate the requested scope of cover with ATS before the draw-up of the insurance certificate (individual policy) as far as the scope of cover requested in the LOC or purchase agreement exceeds the provisions of the respective policy;
(1.3) to not issue insurance certificates (individual policy) in such cases in which laws and ordinances as well as UN resolutions and EU embargo regulations prohibit it;
(1.4) to cover any damages incurred to insurance companies due to inappropriate use of the insurance certificates issued online acc. to Art. 6 (1.1) as far as this is subject to the client’s responsibility.
(1.5) to return the original paper for the draw-up of insurance certificates to ATS according to the “provisions for the issuance of online insurance certificates” upon request.

Art. 7 Material defects and defects of title, liability
(1) The statutory provisions with regard to material defects and defects of title shall apply.
(2) ATS’ liability towards the client for any damages other than to life, body or health shall be excluded, unless such damages result due to intention or gross negligence on part of ATS, his statutory representatives or agents or unless such behaviour is a violation of material contractual obligations.
Material contractual obligations are such obligations the fulfilment of which is a prerequisite for the proper performance of the contract and the observance of which the client may regularly rely upon.
The stated exclusions of liability and limitations shall not be applicable in case of the assumption of explicit guarantees by ATS as well as in case of claims due to the absence of guaranteed properties or as far as claims according to the product liability act are affected.
(3) With regard to the recovery of data, ATS shall only be liable as far as the client performed all required and reasonable data back-ups and ensured that data can be reconstructed from data material prepared in machine-readable form with acceptable effort.

Art. 8 Termination
(1) The contract shall be concluded for an undetermined period of time. Both parties may terminate it at any time.
(2) The contractual parties’ right to terminate without notice for good cause shall remain unaffected.

Art. 9 Final provisions
(1) If individual provisions of the contract concluded with the client including these Terms of Use are or become invalid in full or in part the other provisions shall remain unaffected thereof.
(2) The relations between the contractual parties shall be regulated in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany with exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). For consumers such choice of law shall apply only in so far that no mandatory legal provisions applicable in the state where he has his domicile or habitual residence are limited.
(3) If the client is merchant, a legal entity under public law or public-law special funds, the sole place of jurisdiction for any disputes under this contract shall be ATS’ place of business.
(4) Contract language shall be German. When the parties communicate in any other language, the German wording shall prevail.